Top Chick Flicks You Need to Watch with Friends

It is been a quarter of a century since Pretty Woman success films – and in the event the narrative of Julia Roberts taking the simplest prostitution position of all time does not quite do it for you, we can guarantee you that Richard Gere’s getups throughout will keep you viewing. The moral of the story? Do not despair if you are being asked to see what would normally fall into the “chick flick” classification – frequently you will find some quite stellar menswear on the leading man. Do not believe us? Here are 10 female-friendly movies that feature a number of the very fashionable guys ever seen on screen…

The Devil Wears Prada is only one of countless iconic top chick flicks because are going to be going to Broadway in the long run. Even though we are happy to have those shows in the limelight, there are plenty more pictures that will make show-stopping musicals. Which pictures do we believe should bask in the roar of the bunch – Not to mention get tax amounts that are absolutely amazing with shoes that are adorable?

The Diary of Bridget Jones: A plucky underdog manages to conquer low self-esteem, parents that are humiliating as well as a several bad relationships locate her self-assurance to be able to get her dream job and win on a hot man? That is the sort of narrative that musical theater was made for!

Clueless: The “Rollin’ with the Homies” picture even has its own music already (you are welcome, composers).

The Notebook: Sure, The Notebook got an epic score that was impressively on picture, but only imagine how a whole lot more heartwarming and tear-jerking Noah and Allie’s narrative would be if it were set to music. Ideal for date night, girls’ night or simply to listen to while you appreciate a comforting bowl (/pint) of ice cream.

It is the best story of camaraderie being able to help one beat anything – even, you know, killing someone – so it seems only appropriate that two of the spunkiest, sassiest and supporting besties in film history get the opportunity to make it at the stage. Sure, it’s going to require lots of imagination and cash to recreate that conclusion that is iconic, but a little country twang will help solve more or less any issue.

The overall vibe is Twenties. And hats. A lot of hats.

Favorable caution: you’ll most likely like to reach the fitness center the stores and/or immediately after this one.

top chick flicks

Pretty Woman

Richard Gere has been in some movies that are darn trendy, and Pretty Woman is not far behind while American Gigolo might be the pinnacle. Sure, the suit reductions are somewhat looser these days than we might advocate, but the manner his tailoring and three piece black tie is second-to-none.

If it was not enough that this movie is all based on the notion that Mila Kunis is truly, really into the notion of no strings attached sex, Justin Timberlake’s all-American wardrobe is a lesson in work suitable smart casual dressing: button-downs, knitted ties, slender chinos and polo shirts.

Annie Hall

Woody Allen is not your typical health club-buff Hollywood leading man – and that is why his character in Annie Hall, Alvy “Max” Singer, is so amazing. Despite really being a nervous, geeky kind, he wears tweed blazers and slouchy jackets, chambray shirts effortlessly – and Diane Keaton’s menswear command is not far behind.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Should you pray at the Mad Men design change, George Peppard’s ensembles as Paul “Fred” Varjak are worth noting well. Think of them having the clever, Sixties design of Don Draper with a shot color (aka more striped Repp ties, less black).

Love Story

Yes, you will get bored of the tune about half an hour in, but it is worth powering through for Ryan O’Neal’s turn-of-the-Seventies, Ivy league apparel: shearling jackets, large chunky knits, roll necks and check blazers are only a number of the things his character, Oliver Barrett IV, sports superbly.


Additionally quite possibly the least “chick flick” on this particular list (because Nazis).

50 Shades of Grey

For a movie about sex, it is extraordinary how little guidance you will get from this picture about it. What you are going to learn from the character of Jamie Dornan, Christian Grey, nevertheless, isn’t only a suit should fit, but also the best way to build a complete capsule wardrobe up from one colour.

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