[Update!!!] The 2nd Chapter Of Stranger Things Season 1

The second chapter of Stranger Things Season 1 be entitled The Weirdo On Maple Street. This episode starts about an hour or two where we left off. The boys have attracted ‘Eleven’ into Mike’s basement for the time being while they attempt to figure out who she is and why they’ve discovered her in the rain. An awkward moment when Mike provides ‘Eleven’ clothing and she begins to strip in front of the boy’s hints at the sort of procedural experience she has had. This permits them, they surmise, not to expose that they went out against their parents’ wishes, but to also continue to search for Will Byers with no difficulties. After Lucas and Dustin depart, Mike decides to give ‘Eleven’ the nickname ‘El’. We’re then left to see ‘El’ in her makeshift tent, cringing as she hears the thunder crack out. Possible link to the government center?

Sidenote: I am seriously getting a Stephen King vibe from the opening sequences. That and the theme tune is a strange combination of John Carpenter with Tron influence. It certainly screams the ’80s, which I’m enjoying immensely. Do any of you guys get this exact same vibe in the opening credits?

This episode of stranger things season 1 investigates the Byers family somewhat deeper through a mixture of dialogue and exposition. We slowly start to learn the general population perspectives the Byers family for a bit strange. We’re shown an extremely distressed and sleep-deprived Joyce awaiting Sheriff Hopper to come back to give her information and to obtain an explanation for why her telephone is now burnt. He questions the validity of her statements and there is a tense verbal exchange that ends with an awkward silence when Joyce asks whether he’d know the sound of his daughter’s breathing. As we discovered in the previous episode of stranger things, Hopper’s daughter is dead. Hopper then leaves, but not before committing Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) a little tough guy love. When Sheriff Hopper returns to rejoin the hunt for Will, one of the officers makes a remark about her being psycho. He defends her but, as he walks off, they start guessing about whether he’s slept with her.

We also get an opportunity to learn more about the high school a little, where we’re given some idea about how the students perceive Jonathan. He keeps to himself and is shocked when Mike’s sister Nancy (Natalia Dyer) approaches him dares to offer him a kindness. We’re offered a flashback to when Jonathan introduces Will to your songs, bringing up the subject of how their step-father Lonnie always tries to get Will to do regular things.

We then take back to Mike and ‘Eleven’ hiding in Mike’s basement. Mike tries to convince ‘Eleven’ to go up and introduce herself to his mother, stating that she will find a way to help. ‘Eleven’ refuses, stating that bad folks are following her and leaves a gun gesture to signify they have no problem killing people. ‘Eleven’ gets diverted by the decorations and then clearly becomes shocked when she admits Will in the film with Mike and his pals. This is the time Mike’s mother returns home and he hides ‘Eleven’ in his cupboard.

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